The speeder was a XJ-89321, sleek and shiny in iridescent blue-violet colors. Inside, the seats were a buttery faux leather and WISR annoyingly discovered how to turn on the seat heaters before he could figure out how to turn them off. An orange miniature teddy bear, possibly a Silly Meal toy, hung from the mirror.

“This is a rather… unique vehicle,” he remarked, looking over the interior.

Anny grinned, “Don’t’cha love it? My dad and I built him; I named him Skippy and he’s such a good boy.”

She patted the dashboard with a hand and revved the engine a little as if the ship was responding happily. WISR rolled digital eyes.

“The mentality of humans never ceases to astound. You manage to assign a personality to nearly everything around you but never bring yourself to see them as equals.”

“Don’t be a Mr. Grumpy Gears. I’m not happy about this partnership thing either, but you don’t see me insulting your entire race in one go.”

“Believe me, dear,” the android grumbled sardonically, “I am just as displeased with this situation as you are. If not more so.”

“With any luck, we’ll convince the boss this was a terrible mistake when we come back. For one reason or another.”

Anny flipped a handful of switches and, without seeing if WISR was properly strapped in, shoved forward the yoke. The speeder darted towards the glass dome overhead cradling the crescent moon-shaped city of Lunette, blasting through the opening port and into the perpetual night of space.

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J.D. Locke • Watercolorheart

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