“Are you filing the report when we get back?” WISR asked as the speeder leapt into space.

Anny shook her head, “I gave him six months. Maybe he’ll come to his senses.”

“Still that’s… a long time to live through that kind of mistreatment. Even for a robot.”

“You’re right, no one should go through that, not even a robot. But if I told him ‘do it now, or else!’ nothing would be fixed. Giving him pressure and a time limit might just make it happen.”

The android didn’t respond, only leaned his monitor head against the window..

Anny broke through the reverie, “Are you still gonna ask the boss to reassign you?”

“I… don’t think I work well with anyone at this point, much less a human and one like you at that.”

The speeder yanked to a halt.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean that if you would like me to be nice to you, you’d have to order me to do so. Oh wait, we don’t live in ancient history and I don’t have to listen.”

“What is your problem? We just completed our mission without PAXing a single android and we may have saved the lives of hundreds of robots! Aren’t you even a little happy?”

Before he could answer, she cut him off, “And don’t even try and tell me you coulda done all that yourself.”

“You’re right. Perhaps by some freak or fluke of nature, we did accomplish something. I still don’t like you, though.”

Anny sighed and aimed her speeder back to the crescent moon dotted with the towers and tall buildings of the city.

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