Another flood of the solar flare washed over the glass dome of Lunette City; wave after wave of colored light whooshing by over the SYMM Headquarters and annoyingly resetting the break room microwave’s clock.

“When did they say the storm would pass?” Jalissa whined, sliding to the floor beside Endon and Anny.

Endon picked at a loose linoleum tile with the point of his knife, “They don’t know, this caught them by surprise.”

“Either way, they say all flights in the areas from Camenae to Vesta are grounded for a good long while,” Anny said.

The room was dark, the three agents making the dubious decision that the lights might be too dangerous with the volatile energy fluctuations thanks to the star’s radiative wrath. Anny was sure it was safe, safer than the place where she grew up when even the smallest flare-up could send them off course for days. Her and the other kids would have all-out wars with scrunched-up paper balls and folded airplanes like what they imagined snow days were like planetside as the adults frantically tried to fix all of the glitching instruments.

“So I heard a rumor your last mission was super weird,” Jalissa said.

“Oh yeah,”Anny shot a wicked grin, “WISR and I got sent to investigate a haunting.”

Jalissa gasped, “Are you serious? Haunted? No way! Ghosts aren’t real!”

“I got an assignment where a guy thought his android was possessed by the ghost of his dead wife,” Endon replied.

“Well, was she?”

“No, but it could happen I guess.”

“Well, this wasn’t just one android that was haunted. It was an entire hotel.”

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