Mirae’s phone began to beep with a  new alert, then Jalissa’s smartpad next to her, Endon’s watch, then Anny’s.

“Guys!” Jalissa announced, scrolling through the notifications, “The solar flare! it’s stopped!”

Plastic and metal knuckles rapped lightly against the door frame.

“Which unfortunately means have to be going, we have a new mission,” WISR said.

Any of Anny’s initial surprise melted away to mere irritation, “How did you know I was here? Don’t tell me you’ve been stalking me!”

“You? Never. I’ve better things to do.”

“Like sitting around Nik’s lab?”

“Yes, I was calculating precisely how much I despise our current arrangement and how much longer I must suffer. Given your questionable diet and reckless life choices, one can only hope it’s shorter than expected.”

“What is wrong with you?”

“If you refuse to get a move on, the boss will certainly make sure my torment comes to a swift end. Your choice,” he replied, disappearing down the hall.

“The only thing I’m refusing is to put up with your nonsense!” she cried after him, hurrying not too far behind.

Just a quick note for my readers, inter_linked The Series is taking a break for the holidays! I will see you again in January! – November

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